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AFI Branding announce distribution of FlagTrax®

AFI Branding announce distribution of FlagTrax®
December 26, 2014

Melbourne, November 20 2014: AFI Branding, the leaders in fabric signage solutions for the retail, exhibitions and events sectors, has signed an Australian distribution license for the revolutionary FlagTrax® street flag system.

FlagTrax® pioneering Push-PullTM technology offers users unparalleled simplicity with the ability to raise and lower street flags from ground level in just seconds. Traditional street flag solutions require cherry pickers, qualified technicians and traffic management plans each time a brand message requires change, leading to exhausted budgets and wasted time.

FlagTrax® not only streamlines the street-side communication process and delivers fast return on investment, the system also offers 24/7 exposure with a range of with a range of soon to be introduced LED Lighting inserts.

AFI Branding’s partnership with FlagTrax® developers, Nexus Developments, secures AFI’s commitment to continue to drive innovation within the Australian soft signage industry.

AFI Branding Managing Director, Glenn Watson, is excited about the prospects FlagTrax® presents and considers the product a fitting addition to AFI’s existing range of innovative fabric branding solutions.

“The industry has been on the lookout for a simplified street flag solution for quite some time. FlagTrax® has the capacity to change the ways in which we approach street signage, making it a more accessible signage option to a wider range of clients,” he said. 

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