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Innovative Branding Solutions in Fabric

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  • Flat packed for efficient freight and logistics
  • Easy to assemble
  • Interchangeable tensioned fabric graphics
  • High-impact visual effect
  • Rigged or free-standing for interesting retail, exhibition or interior display
  • Illuminated (optional)


Style, creativity and functionality

Our Cube profiles have been specifically crafted to achieve shapes of various proportions and are an ideal feature for making a big impact.


Ideal for rigging and can be illuminated for outstanding effect whilst still delivering on achieving great longevity with the changeable Reframe® fabric prints for easy updates and refreshing images.


  • Free standing
  • hanging and illuminated


Blackout - for vibrant colours and 100% opacity

Backlit Poly (illuminated) - for a super-smooth finish with excellent clarity and vibrant illuminated prints


For stylish branding and advertising from all  angles, the Cube Sided ReFrame® provides a range of options to ensure your brand inspires through creativity.