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Pop Up Shops will rock your world (and your customers!) And we’re here to help you do it… with our Pop Up Shop in a box…

Give your customers a brand experience with Pop-up Shops Pop-up shops are the latest way for retailers to engage shoppers and grow sales with experiential marketing. They are flexible, temporary and create memorable brand experiences for:

  • Brand Activation
  • Consumer insights and market testing
  • Immersive Omni-channel experiences

Pop-ups shops are inexpensive and quick to activate so you can test your product, try a concept or bring back a real conversation with your customers. Think:

  • Outdoor events
  • Pop-up shop within your store
  • Temporary store fit out -Free standing mall or street presence

we make pop up shops easy


We manufacture everything in house and take care of it all from industrial and graphic design, printing, fabrication 

 When you partner with AFI Branding, we work with you to take your Pop-up Shop idea to a spectacular reality!



How can I get started?

  1. Download our brochure here to read about the steps involved.
  2. Request a quote from this page and explain your idea for a Pop Up Shop. We'd love to engage in a conversation with you about your latest project or event.