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Innovative Branding Solutions in Fabric

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  • Assembled within minutes 
  • Massive surface area for graphics (over 6m²)
  • Vibrant color output
  • Carry bag for easy transport
  • Reusable hardware for multiple promotions and events 


The NEW ReFrame® Fabric Wall is the perfect multi-tasker, guaranteed to attract attention and communicate your brands message easily, with maximum impact. 


The pop-up assembly of the ReFrame® Fabric Wall takes only minutes, with the added ease of the ReFrame® fabric skin which simply inserts into the frame, providing a massive 6m² of branding space for eye-catching graphics. The ReFrame® Fabric Wall is also portable and comes with a carry bag for effective transport when you need branding on the go. 


The quality structure of ReFrame® Fabric Wall allows return on investment. The ReFrame® Fabric Wall hardware can be used for a variety of campaigns and events, simply re-print your fabric skin and reuse the hardware for events, promotions, showroom displays, media and event backdrops and much more! 



  • 2890mm x 2240mm (includes 325mm sides) 


We recommend Blackout or Matte Ex


The NEW ReFrame® Fabric Wall is a multitasking branding solution guaranteed to attract attention and communicate your brands message with creativity and flare.